El Faldón is Back on the Menu

For the fourth year running, we are excited to welcome back the coffee of El Faldón. Our friendship with Rubén Dario Gómez is one of our longest and most cherished Direct Farm Relationships, and is based on mutual sustainability, agricultural respect and growth. This coffee celebrates the flavors of Antioquia with lively acidity, big tropical … Continued

Say Hello to La Cueva

Discovered during a trip to the Montecillo region of Honduras to source new coffees for our Elevate espresso blend, La Cueva is a special, single-cultivar selection of Catuai from Roger Antonio Dominguez Marquez’ 4.2 hectare farm. La Cueva represents our continued commitment to working with farmers who are passionate about producing delicious coffees and we are very … Continued

Introducing Los Primos

Los Primos (which translates to “the cousins”) is named for Alfonso and Anibal Pillimué, cousins and coffee growers in San Antonio, a charming hamlet situated in a deep valley where the livelihood of coffee production is clear from every vantage.  Since 2016, we have cultivated a Direct Farm Relationship with the Pillimué family and ASORCAFE, … Continued

Welcoming Back Santa Teresa 2000 from Costa Rica

For the second year running, we are excited to welcome back the coffee of Roger Umaña Hidalgo’s Costa Rican micromill, Santa Teresa 2000. Hidalgo’s farm, La Montaña, comprises a collection of unique plots situated at elevations between 1,900 and 2,150 meters above sea level. Like many producers in Costa Rica, land of pura vida, Hidalgo … Continued

Introducing Alexander Zapata

From the breathtaking village of Urrao on the high slopes of western Antioquia comes our third Caturra Chiroso release of 2018. Alexander Zapata is crescendo conclusion of sweet, tropical flavors to play out the end of summer. This small lot is produced on just two hectares of coffee trees, grown among a diverse micro-climate of … Continued

Furnas from Brazil

Introducing Furnas, our newest Direct Farm Relationship release from Brazil, available now online and in our retail cafés.  Furnas is an exclusive, hand-picked selection of Yellow Bourbon from our longstanding partner, Rinaldo de Castro Junqueira of Fazenda Furnas. Rinaldo is a third-generation coffee producer and was elected President of the local cooperative association, COCARIVE. His meticulous … Continued

Returning, Worka Sakaro from Ethiopia

We are so excited to welcome back Worka Sakaro as a Direct Farm Relationship coffee.   With flavors of sweet summer jams and an intense florality, this coffee encapsulates all the dynamic qualities found only in Ethiopian Heirloom varietals prepared under perfect conditions. Sourcing traceable coffees from Ethiopia has been uniquely difficult for Specialty Roasters … Continued

Andres Restrepo from Colombia

This is another spectacular lot of caturra chiroso from a neighbor of Aidé Garro’s in San Carlos. Andres Restrepo has long been the coöperative buyer for the Urrao office of COOCAFISA, the association to which all of our El Ramo producers belong. His vetting work in this capacity, grading and cupping the thousands of samples … Continued

Welcoming Black + Almond to the Ready-to-Drink family

We are excited to announce the release of Black +Almond Cold Brew, a 12 oz., ready-to-drink, dairy-free vegan beverage. Black + Almond features organic almond milk that we use in our cafe’s, naturally sweetened and blended with signature Brooklyn Blend Cold Brew, Steeped slowly and patiently crafted, this 18-hour brewing process brings out rich flavors of … Continued