El Faldon

Why We Love It

“I’ve been in love with Rubén’s coffee since I first discovered it on the cupping table. It’s perfect balance and engaging tropical fruit flavor complexity is my favorite coffee profile. It is a shining example of my excitement for coffee coming from this region — Secret gems as the clear result of intentional, methodical farming. It may be the perfect coffee!” — Jonathan Withers, Green Coffee Buyer 


About this coffee

Deliciously smooth with sweet notes of tropical fruit, El Faldón is grown high in the remote mountains of Antioquia. A several-hour drive from Medellin, and a thirty minute hike up from the nearest road, brought us to Finca El Faldón. The farm is found atop the face of two lush peaks which resemble the shape of a skirt and give the farm its name. Producer Ruben Dario Gomez is dedicated to the traditional, sweeter Caturra and Bourbon varieties, which lend an unbelievable balance and complexity to the coffee.

El Faldón brews beautifully as both filter and espresso.

Direct Farm Relationship


El Faldon

Tasting Notes

Pineapple, Orange and Strawberry


Caicedo, Antioquia


Ruben Dario Gomez


1950 meters


Caturra & Bourbon




Filter/ Espresso