Costa Rica

Santa Teresa 2000

“This is an extraordinarily vibrant coffee, effervescent in its sparkling acidity yet balanced in its unique folding together of diverse fruits with rich, deep caramelized notes. The white honey processing, coupled with well-grown, slowly matured cherry, has created this effect of complex flavor with the acuity of a fully washed coffee, but with the depth and body of a deeper honey or a natural.” – Jonathan Withers, Green Buyer

About this coffee

For the second year running, we welcome back the coffee of Roger Umaña Hidalgo’s Costa Rican micromill, Santa Teresa 2000.

Hidalgo’s farm, La Montaña, comprises a collection of unique plots situated at elevations between 1,900 and 2,150 meters above sea level. Like many producers in Costa Rica, land of pura vida, Hidalgo is a passionate steward of his land, and every aspect of the farm’s operation is weighed against the effect it will have on the land. The farm is part of a government program for sustainable agriculture, and has begun the process to receive a carbon neutral certification.

This year’s Santa Teresa 2000 is a Red Catuai from the Finca Dota plot that undergoes a white honey processing, which when combined with the slow maturation that occurs at high altitude, results in a coffee that is both delicate and complex. Full of rich, deep, caramelized notes, this is a delightfully drinkable cup.

Direct Farm Relationship


Santa Teresa 2000


Roger Umaña Hidalgo


Santa María, Dota, San José


2000 masl


Red Catuai


White Honey

Tasting Notes

Caramel Apple, Cherry Soda and Blonde Brownie


Brew with V60