Serious Eats At Toby’s Estate Coffee

“The former meat safe turned high-ceilinged cafe boasts a little bit of everything people look for in a modern coffeeshop—reclaimed wood tables, state of the art espresso machine, slow bar, wifi, and friendly staff—with roasting to commence soon onsite. Aussie staples like the Flat White (essentially a modern, unfrothy cappuccino) are paired with seasonal sandwiches during the daytime hours—or try a flight of Tim Tams or, something with Vegemite on it (can’t get that one around the corner at Blue Bottle!)

Founder Toby Smith wanted the space to “have everything here working together, an approachable space and not just a coffee place.” From the exposed roaster to the cupping room, Smith and his partners see the shop as a full coffee journey, offering visitors the chance to see coffee roasted, cupped for quality assurance, and prepared in a variety of ways—Vegemite or no” —Serious Eats reviews Toby’s Estate Coffee