Who We Work With

We choose to source our coffee and work with farmers, co-ops and producers who respect their land and workers. We establish these relationships based on trust, traceability and fair prices.

Environmental factors are a consideration when we decide what coffee to buy. We like working with producers that reuse every part of the coffee plant and conserve natural resources to maintain clean, primarily organic farms based on traditional techniques handed down from generations. Sustainable harvesting is necessary for quality and yield.

The farmers we work with are giving back to their community in a variety of ways. Efforts such as building schools, or providing land, cattle, and education to their workers and families make us feel good about our partnerships.

Direct Farm Program

Our green buyer travels to origin several times a year to establish new, and strengthen existing, direct farm relationships. These trips allow us to ensure that our standards of quality are being met. From time to time our farming partners will travel to New York to see how their coffee is being roasted – keeping the conversation and relationship balanced and developing a closer bond. We don’t import our own coffee, we leave that to the shipping professionals and work with outside companies who specialize in delivering green coffee to our warehouses.

Roasting Practices

As we roast, we collect all our chaff, a byproduct of roasting similar to the paper in a peanut shell, and save it for local farmers who pick it up and use it for composting and chicken bedding. Much of our packaging is reused in house, from our green coffee barrels to our Quality Control tins. At our cold brew bottling facility we utilize reusable Kegs and re-use heavy-duty, BPA free plastic travelers for cold brew distribution, cutting down on our consumption and waste.

Community Projects

We believe in the value of a strong, vibrant community, both at origin and within our own local neighborhoods. We seek out opportunities to invest in and improve our communities, and to encourage our guests and partners to do the same.

We are proud of all our past community development work, and continue to seek new ways to engage ourselves with the New York and coffee producing communities. For more information, or requests to get involved, please email coffee@tobysestate.com

Working with coffee producers Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera to continue the development work they began in Chinacla, Honduras. In 2014, with the help of our guests and partners, we were able to upgrade and improve a local school, sealing and painting the building, replacing the roof, and providing new supplies.

Presenting the Marcala community in Honduras with funds raised from our La Escuela fundraiser. Read More

Partnering with City Harvest and community groups in Greenpoint to provide coffee to those less fortunate.

Sustainability in our Cafes

With four cafes serving on-the-go New Yorkers, it’s our responsibility to be as eco-friendly as possible. All our to-go ware and to-go boxes are biodegradable, and we recycle all our plastic cups and milk cartons. We like to use local producers wherever and whenever possible. Our milk comes to us from Battenkill Valley Creamery, a local farm in Salem, NY that’s shares our commitment to quality products and sustainable practices.