Transforming a Honduran School

We have just returned from Marcala, where we spent a week putting the funds raised during our Honduras Education Drive to good use. Earlier this year we ran the drive to help support the school, La Escuela De La Piedrona, built on land donated by producing partners Moises Herrera and Marysabel Caballero. We successfully raised $4500 and sent Barista Emily Dullea and Project Manager Joe Schafran down to help with the work on the school.

We arrived with the plan to help seal and paint the cinder block school, and were able to spend the week helping to do so. But, while the Honduran government helps the school by supplying beans and corn flour for the children’s lunch, the school’s only storage room also had a leak in its roof. The silver lining to the current drought in Honduras is that reduced rains had meant less ruined food, but the structure still needed fixing. During our time painting, Moises helped to oversee a complete replacement of the roof, ensuring better weather-proof food storage.

Now, with the painting all done, the school looks like a brand new building, and the classrooms are a much brighter and better place to learn. There are also still funds available to help improve the school. Currently, the head teacher Allan Omar Pineda Vasquez is the only instructor in charge of six grades, sixty students, and two classrooms. The school will greatly benefit from having another educator so one teacher can remain dedicated to each classroom and the pressure on Allan is halved. Marysabel and Moises are excited to make this a reality and are helping to find a quality teacher.

The other major problem the students face involves their parents, who bear the burden of paying for all the books, uniforms and supplies their children will need. In poor, rural districts that responsibility can easily become overwhelming, so any leftover funds will be used to help subsidize the purchase of books and supplies for the school. We are excited to see the final results of this endeavor and to continue to find ways to work with and support La Escuela De La Piedrona.